I was told by multiple friends that a certain large security company would be at least $3,000 to start and to be prepared for high pressure sales tactics to increase my costs. No thanks.

After looking at reviews on Yelp and speaking to two of my neighbors who have SR Security, I gave Joe a call. After walking around the entire house, he listened to my concerns and didn’t try to sell me something I don’t need. A week later I have a new security system that is very user-friendly and didn’t break my budget. Joe even removed and hauled away the existing out-of-date system, including keypads, motion detectors and a ridiculously large hub that took up a good portion of my coat closet. The entire process took less than 4 hours and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been doing a lot of repairs on my house and it’s incredibly rare to find someone as nice, polite and easy to work with as Joe. I was impressed enough that I immediately called my sister and told her to hire him to install her system asap!