We can offer you peace of mind with our state of the art home burglar alarm systems.

Our personalized home security systems are designed to fit your budget. With a complete range of home security options available, we’ll work with you to design a home burglar alarm system that fits both your home security needs and your budget.

Arm and Disarm Remotely right from your phone

At the airport and can’t remember if you set the alarm? Are the house keepers scheduled today and you forgot to turn off the alarm for them? No problem, with Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 you can remotely arm, disarm or check the status of your security system from any ware in the world.

Door and Window sensors

  • Your first line of defense against intrusion.
  • They trigger the alarm if a door or window is opened.

Motion Sensors

  • Your second line of defense against intrusion.
  • They will trigger upon any unwanted motion in the home. Usually placed in rooms to cover areas where large glass is present such as a sliding glass door. They come with a pet immunity feature for animals under 40 lbs.

Glass brake Sensors

Also known as audio detectors, glass break sensors are normally installed in rooms with many fixed windows that can easily be accessed from the outside. If the window is broken, the shattering glass sound will set off the alarm. These can be used in instances where a motion sensor is unsuitable because a cat or a large dog are present in the home.

Key Fobs

  • Key fobs can be used to turn the alarm off or on with the ease of just hitting one button.
  • They can be useful when your hands are full of packages or you can give one to a house keeper that might be intimidated using an alarm code.

Flood Sensors

A flood sensor is used to help prevent water damage within a home or business. When a leak occurs and the water comes in contact with the flood sensors, an alarm is triggered and you will be notified. Know immediately if your washing machine, bathroom plumbing, or dishwasher starts leaking to avoid flood damage and costly repairs.

Smoke Detectors

The smoke detectors tie into the security system and signal the Central Monitoring Station when tripped, and they, in turn, dispatch the fire department to your home. Insurance companies will routinely give discounts to homes with monitored fire protection.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide sensors trigger an alarm to alert you and the monitoring center of the presence of CO which has been dubbed “the silent killer”

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