Turn Your House into a Smart Home

Imagine monitoring and managing your entire home, from your locks to your lights and more, with the tap of an app. It’s the simplest way to be in total control of what matters most- your home and everyone in it.

Control your alarm system remotely

The remote keypad feature works just like the security system keypad you have at home. It allows you access and operate your alarm system from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone, other compatible wireless devices, or computer. It’s never been easier to stay in the know and stay in control.


Design customized schedules that meet your needs. Never step foot in your home without the temperature being just perfect ever again. You can even enjoy precise temperature control via your smartphone while on-the-go, taking your monthly energy savings even further.

Lock Control

Do you need to let the house keeper in or lock the door after your kids leave for school?

No problem, you can unlock or lock your doors right from your mobile device or PC. Never worry about getting locked out ever again – or whether or not you locked your doors when you head out on vacation.

Lighting Control

Whether you want your indoor and outdoor lights to adjust automatically when you arm or disarm your security system, or if you have another specific schedule in mind, we can help make that happen. Programmable smart lighting can be used to create specific scenes such as a “bed time” scene that will automatically turn off specific lights when you’re ready for bed.

Live Look in Video

Whether you just want to check in on your home while you’re at the office or want to keep an eye on things while you’re halfway around the world on vacation, you can view and control all of the cameras in your home from your smartphones, tablets, personal computers and beyond.

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