I am someone who puts a lot of weight on working with someone who is honest. We were solicited by several alarm companies after moving into a new home that was newly built. Joe was fantastic. Not only was he patient, knowledgeable, and available, he explains everything in a great deal of detail. Being the type of person who likes the knitty gritty, I appreciated this.

He is not selling you a cookie cutter system and isn’t looking to make money on the subscription. It is obvious that he takes a lot of pride in his work and genuinely enjoys providing piece of mind to his customers.

We had a lot of large windows and chose to get both glass break sensors as well as motion sensors. Joe explained there was some redundancy but he customized our system to give us exactly what we wanted. We explored the option of home automation with him (lights/blinds), but he correctly advised us to do that separately from the alarm.

I highly recommend this business. Joe the owner is professional, courteous, and an all around good guy.